Campus Ambassador

If you ever wanted to be a leader and represent your college in an event, this is the best opportunity for you. The TechEagle Campus Ambassador Program is a platform for students who are passionate about Marketing, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. A TechEagle Campus Ambassador is a leader with a keen interest in starting and building a community.

Special Rewards for SUT-2018

Based on the number of participants you bring for Summer UAV Internship Training Program(i.e. the number of participants who register using your referral ID), you can win the following prizes:
1) 3+ participants: Branded Earphones
2) 10+ participants: 1 TB Hard Disk
3) 20+ participants: Branded Smartphone
4) 30+ participants: Laptop

Rewards for Top 5 CAs

Top 5 CAs will get a direct internship opportunity with TechEagle. The CAs will be ranked annually based on their performance throughout the year and active participation in TechEagle events.

  • Bring in maximum participation for TechEagle Training Programs and Workshops
  • Publicize TechEagle workshops in your college, on social Media and among the institute Administration
  • Organize events in your college on behalf of TechEagle
  • Influence people to join the Workshops and take part in the Surveys
  • Conduct surveys on what type of workshops the student community is expecting
  • Help the TechEagle team to conduct events
  • Forward mails to your institute mailing system
  • Interested students can also design posters or write blog posts for TechEagle events
  • Internship & Training Opportunities at TechEagle
  • Campus Ambassador certificate from TechEagle
  • Highlighted as a Campus Ambassador on TechEagle website
  • Minimum number of teams that you gather for workshops will entitle you to free TechEagle Workshops
  • Special discounts in any of the TechEagle Events
  • Opportunity to exhibit leadership skills
  • Opportunity to work closely with the team of TechEagle
  • Connect, Collaborate and work with fellow ambassadors
  • Goodies in the form of T-shirts, Caps, etc.

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