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TechEagle Summer UAV-Training, 2017

Upcoming Training:
1st August - 7th August 2017
JK Lakshmipat University,Jaipur

Past SUT 2017:
12th June - 18th June 2017
Ansal Institute of Tech. & Mgmt, Lucknow

Trainer Aircraft

Quad Copter

Flying Wing


If you are new to Drones and UAVs, this is the best program to enter into the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The trainer aircraft is easy to manufacture and stable in flight relative to other aircrafts. This program will build your skills of designing, manufacturing and flying UAVs from scratch.

FEES: ₹ 4300/-(per person)

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Quadcopters have a huge application in the Drone industry. Along with professional flying, this Training Program will teach the candidates how to use autopilot and integration with the Multirotor electronics. They will not only learn how to fabricate and fly their own Quadcopter but also will learn to program it with on board Autopilot.

FEES: ₹ 4300/- (per person)

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For those who wonder how do high speed UAVs fly, this is the opportunity to build an RC flying wing and fly it like a pro. Flying wing aircrafts are tailless fixed wing aircrafts which are difficult to stabilize and fly. This advanced program will train you how to fabricate a flying wing aircraft and teach you to fly it safely.

FEES: ₹ 4800/- (per person)

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This is an advanced training program not meant for school students who don't have any prior experience in UAVs & Drones. You will learn to design, build and fly a Tri-copter drone. If you have prior experience of basic Multi-rotor drone flying and want to design a complex drone, then definitely join this training program to further enhance your skills and knowledge about Multi-rotor drones.

FEES: ₹ 4800/- (per person)

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Seminars During SUT'17

IC Engine

Autonomous UAV Technology

Advanced Manufacturing

International Competitions

IC Engine for RC Aircrafts:

IC engines are an integral part of RC Aeromodelling and Aerospace industry. In this seminar, students will learn the following things:

  • Internal working of IC engine.
  • Details about type of fuel used, air to fuel ratio.
  • Testing of the IC engine and improving its efficiency during flight.
  • Maintenance and safety instructions.

UAV/Drone Automation Technology:

Key learnings from this seminar:

  • Introduction to Drone industry and their applications.
  • Basic structure of an Autopilot and how to program it.
  • Introduction to Avionics and its selection.
  • GPS Navigation and Path planning.
  • Manufacturing techniques of Drones.

Advanced Manufacturing process for UAV/Drone

Key learnings from this seminar:

  • Details about conventional fabrication processes.
  • Composite fabrication and its importance in UAV industry.
  • Ways to manufacture with simple and inexpensive ways.
  • Manufacturing for a competition.

How to Prepare for International/ National Competitions

Key learnings from this seminar:

  • RC Aeromodelling competitions in India and abroad.
  • How to design UAVs for competitions.
  • How to build an efficient team and improve your own skills.
  • Importance of these competitions in the Industry.

SUT16 After Movie & What is a Drone?

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Arrival Date :

Departure Date :

Charges : 110/- per day

Food Arrangements

Arrival Date and first meal :

Departure Date and Last meal :

Charges : Breakfast : 45/-
Lunch : 55/-    Dinner : 55/-

Registration Procedure


What is Summer UAV/Drone Training(SUT) ?

Summer UAV/Drone Training(SUT)-17 is a unique 7 day program in which participants are trained to Design, Manufacture, simulate and Fly different types of drones. The participants get an exposure to use of Drone and UAV technologies as an expert.

What is the schedule of S.U.T 2017 ? What is the location for Training?

The training will be held from 12th June to 18th June 2017 and the training location is Ansal Institute of Technology and Management(AITM), Lucknow For Google Location Click Here .

Who can Join the SUT Program? Is there any Age Limit?

Any Enthusiastic student who want to explore the UAV/Drone Field for hobby or career. Also there is no age limit for any training type. Any interested student of School, Under Graduate, Post Graduate can take part in any training of his/her choice.

I have some doubts in the registration and payment procedure. How do I clarify them?

For any doubt in the registration form or payment method, feel free to contact us at +91-9026688438 or email us at

I’ve registered online and made full payment . What should I do Next?

Congratulations, you have reserved a seat for yourself in SUT. Make sure that you also pay the fees for accommodation if you need it. After that, you can still share your referral ID with others as mentioned above to get upto 100% cashback.

How do I know whether My Payment is Received or not?

After completing the registration and payment, you will get one copy of registration status on your registered email.

When and from where will I get my referral ID?

The participants will get their referral IDs once they complete their registration and make the complete payment. To know your referral ID, enter your registered email id in the "Check Referral ID & Credited Discount" dialog box given above.

What would I get from my referral ID ?

Share your referral ID with your friends or any other person interested to participate in SUT-17. Whoever registers in SUT’17 with your referral ID, will get 5% discount. For each participant who registers using your referral ID, you will get a 5% cash back on the registration fees of SUT.

How can I Check the credited discount ?

To know your credited discount, enter your registered email id in the "Check Referral ID & Credited Discount" dialog box given above.

I don’t live in Lucknow and want to participate in SUT-17. I will face problem for accommodation. What should I do?

Don’t worry. We have accommodation facility at our Training center in AITM campus. Separate for girls and boys. Accommodation charges: Rs. 110/- per person per day. You have to pay the amount online to book your accommodation. We have limited accommodations available, It will be first come first serve basis. For More details feel free to contact us anytime.

Will the facilities of Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner be available During the Training?

Yes, We will provide mess facility for SUT17 Participants. Charges will be as Follow: Breakfast-₹45, Lunch-₹55, Dinner-₹55. Students, who require any of the meal, have to register and pay online. A fix time break would be given to the students to take up their lunch or refreshments.

How to Pay Accommodation and Food Fees?

You can pay the hostel fees online and offline after registering for training. Online Payment Link:

Is it Necessary to Live in the Hostel/PGs?

No, it is not necessary to live in the hostel. This is for your convenience only but if you want to book a room for yourself then you will have to inform us 10 days before the scheduled timing of training via email at this id ( ). You have to make the deposits into our account with Remark “RegistrationID_Hostel”. Please refer the Payment procedure.

What Documents are Required to Join SUT on Joining Date?

1. Online payment receipt or OBC Transaction Receipt
2. Aadhar Card and College ID Card

Do I Need a Cover Letter or Reference Letter from my Institute to Join Summer UAV/Drone Training?

No, You don’t need any Letter or Reference from your institute to join Summer UAV/Drone Training?.

When will I get Certificate after Completing the SUT?

You will get your Certificate on the last day of training during the ceremony.

Are there any Internship/Placement Opportunities?

Regular job/internship updates on our website and on your registered email id with TechEagle.
1. Resourcing through consultancy services.
2. Exclusive walk-ins for TechEagle students.
3. Campus interviews organized by TechEagle.
4. Resume sending.
5. References/Recommendation letter services.

Will this Training be Counted as my Work Experience?

Yes, this SUT would be counted as your work experience and you can mention about the certificate in your CV or Resume.

If in Case of Emergency I am not able to Complete My Course then What about my Certification.?

In case of emergency, we will provide you a time slot in near future for completing your remaining course. Only after completing the course, you will get the certificate.

Is There any Provision to get Refund of the Fees, and in What Case I’ll be Able to Claim My Refund?

Yes. If you claim refund before 5th June, you will get 70% refund of registration fees. All the refund rights are reserved by TechEagle. To claim your refund, please contact us on: +91-8173895211, 9026688438.

Can one Participate in more than One Course?

No, one can opt only one course during the 7 days SUT. But after completing this Training one can learn other courses as well.

Is ‘On the Spot’ registration allowed?

No, There is no ‘On the Spot’ registration facility available as of now. On the spot depends on the availability of seat and prior notice is to be given to TechEagle.

Is there any way to Deposit Offline Fees on the Training spot?

No , You have to pay Training fee before 5 days of training starts. but, it can be considered by Submit fee in cash to the nearest OBC bank or Transfer funds through Internet banking (NEFT Payment transfer) Payment Through OBC Bank
Submit fee in cash to the nearest SBI bank or Transfer funds through Internet banking (NEFT Payment transfer)
1. Bank: Oriental Bank of Commerce
2. A/C Name : TechEagle Innovations Pvt. Ltd..
3. A/C No. : 05011132000148
4. IFSC No : ORBC0100501
5. Branch Name: Mahanagar, Lucknow
After deposition of fee in cash to the bank they will provide you a deposition slip. Kindly send us the scanned copy of that slip with your name and registration no. while transferring funds through NEFT please mail us( ) your details with your account numbers etc.

If I am NRI. Can I still apply? What should be the Procedure?

Yes, you will need to obtain a valid work/Study visa for the Summer internship through your University/Country. For procedure, please feel free to contact our team..
We have following support & Contact numbers for SUT aspirants
: +91-8173895211
: +91-9026688438

The Training will be given in English Language Only?

No, it is not necessary to train you in English language only. Our engineers helps you in both the languages i.e in English or Hindi also.

Will I be allowed to take back the drone that I will make during the Summer UAV Training?

You can take your designed structure back, but if you want to take any of the electronics, you will have to purchase it. You will have to inform us about that beforehand via email at or call at +91-8173895211.