Aeronautical Engineer

You can be next the next Wright Brother


Gurgaon, India



What You’ll Do

  • Design, manufacture, and testing of Cargo UAVs(Fixed Wing/Hybrid). 

  • Using mathematics, scientific, and engineering principles to design, modify, and improve UAVs, component parts, facilities, materials, safety regulations, and manufacturing processes.

  • Researching and analyzing information to develop designs and solve problems.

  • Testing UAVs to find and correct potential problems and to ensure compliance with quality, safety, and functionality requirements.

  • Designing and assembling control panels, propulsion systems, guiding systems, and other necessary parts and systems.

  • Coordinating activities with production, research, testing, and other departments to optimize safety and efficiency.

  • Rapid Prototyping by using various methods(i.e. 3D Printers) 

  • Analyzing Flight Logs and modifying next design for necessary improvements. 

  • Developing safety and quality standards, budgets, and timelines and ensuring projects comply with these regulations.

  • Writing design proposals, reports, manuals, and other technical documents.

  • Integrating custom payloads including both mechanical and electrical integrations

  • Staying current on industry developments, technology, materials, trends, and regulations.

  • The ability to multi-task and seamlessly transition between different projects is essential. 

  • Individuals should be a self-starter and willing to take full responsibility in delivering a fully-functional and quality UAV designs. 

Who You are

  • Bachelors/Masters degree in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, mathematics or related field may be preferable. 

  • 3+ years experience in the fixed wing/hybrid UAV designing & prototyping and flying. 

  • Advanced proficiency in Aerodynamics, Flight Dynamics, Control Systems.

  • Experience with design for manufacturing and production processes (Mold Manufacturing, Composite Mfg. ) 

  • Advanced knowledge of aeronautical machines, including airplanes, rockets, spacecraft, helicopters, and all types of UAVs. 

  • Knowledge of Matlab/Python is preferred.

  • Experience with XFLR5, XFOIL, Javafoil etc. 

  • Intermediate to expert-level background using CAD software, such as Solidworks, AutoCAD, CATIA etc. 

  • Experience using computational software, such as MATLAB and Simulink

  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to quickly and easily assess problems

  • Ability to work collaboratively and seek assistance to solve problems

  • Proven experience working within different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS