How Drone Delivery is Improving & Impacting the Quality of Life for People at the Grassroots Level.

June 27, 2023

- 72 women die everyday while giving birth to a baby (total 26,437 women in a year)

- 70% of post-delivery haemorrhage related deaths are due to
lack of immediate availability of blood.

Drones are one of the most innovative technologies of our time, and they are quickly changing the way we live and work. In the field of logistics, drones are revolutionising the way we deliver goods. By flying over traffic and reaching remote areas, drones can deliver goods quickly and efficiently to people who live in rural or underserved communities.

If we move to the scene of the pandemic, it can be observed that the conventional delivery system lacks in many facets and holds no ground in front of drone deliveries. While there are many regulatory restrictions on the mainstream deployment of drones for delivery, it is the right technology that can impact the lives of common people at the grassroots level.

“Villages in India 38% More than 5 kms away from any Health facility as per survey on
6,48,358 villages.”

On-demand drone delivery & its impact.

1.  Speed

To begin with, Delivery through drones is faster which brings people closer to the goods in a safer and more convenient way. Particularly in emergency healthcare situations where lives are on the line, delivery through drones covers impractical routes to save lives. To cite an example, during landslides and floods, drones are used to transport goods from central healt

2. Efficiency

Additionally, using drones for delivery drastically lowers the cost of traditional delivery in nations that often spend a lot of money sending packages to remote locations because of inadequate transportation infrastructure. Using drones for e-commerce deliveries and other logistics-related tasks could let citizens access services with greater efficiency, convenience, safety and security at a cheaper price.

3. Accuracy

Drones are very accurate, which means that they can deliver goods to the exact location specified by the customer. This is important for businesses that sell fragile or valuable goods, as it reduces the risk of damage or loss.

How Drone delivery is a divine gift for healthcare.

Drone delivery is a new technology, but it has the potential to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry. By providing faster, more efficient, and more reliable delivery of medical supplies, drones could help to improve access to healthcare and save lives.

“ 137 people die everyday due to snake bites and non-availability of Life saving Anti Venom at PHC. (total 50,000 people in a year)”

Drone deliveries make it simple to rapidly meet the urgent need for blood, anti-venom, vaccines, and other necessities in an emergency.

Drone delivery: A futuristic concept or the new reality? 

Drone delivery is becoming a reality in the logistics industry, despite how futuristic the idea may seem. A day when drones are swarming in the sky, delivering goods to all remote locations around the world, and having a positive impact on people by bridging the gap between the availability of resources and their possession is not far off given the rate at which they are being designed and manufactured around the world. This is the right technology at the right time