Key Learning

  • Design, Fabricate and Test your own RC Flying Wing
  • Concepts of Aeromodelling and Aerospace Engineering
  • Realization of Flight Electronics
  • RC Aircraft Design Procedure
  • Explore to the art of Fabrication
  • Hands-on experience to Modern day manufacturing Techniques
  • Learn how to fly RC Flying Wing professionally.

Design Session

  • Fundamentals of Aerodynamics.
  • Various components of Flying Wing.
  • Stability and Control of tailless Airplane.
  • Introduction to RC-Aircraft Design.

Software Analysis

  • Selection of Airfoils based on Design requirement
  • Stability analysis of RC Flying Wing Design
  • Explore the iterative Techniques of creating an Excellent Design
  • Visualize the 3D model of RC Flying Wing before start making

Virtual Flight Training

  • Professional Simulator Flight lessons from TechEagle Pilots
  • Experience the thrill of flying an RC Aircraft in a Flight Simulator
  • Hands on Experience during the workshop
  • Get Flight tips from licensed pilots of TechEagle

Fabrication Session

  • Learn best manufacturing techniques by experienced Mentors
  • Hands-on experience with various Aircraft building materials
  • Electronics Integration
  • Make your Flying Wing ready to fly

Flying Session

  • Experience the fun of your Flying Wing Flight
  • Safety Precaution while conducting Flying Session
  • Pre-flight Checks and In-flight tips from the Licensed Pilots
  • Be Professional at RC tailless Airplanes.

Awards & Certificates

  • Certificate of Training to each Participant.
  • Special Awards for Best Fabrication.
  • All certificates have Unique Verification ID.

Kit Content

  • Transmitter**
  • Receiver**
  • Horn
  • Clevis
  • Push Rods
  • Spar
  • Tapes
  • Epoxy glues
  • Economy Kit
  • Transmitter**
  • Receiver**
  • Brushless Motor
  • Electronic Speed Controller
  • Battery**
  • Servo Motors
  • Extension wires
  • Y- Connector
  • Propeller

** Any of the above kit does not include Battery, Transmitter and receiver. You can request if you want us to purchase for you.