Flying Accross India - Technocruise. This was the first association of TechEagle with Techkriti, IIT Kanpur.
TechEagle conducted a Quadcopter workshop at various places accross India in the month of January and February.
Students from various cities travelled to Jaipur, Bhopal, Noida to grab this wonderful opportunity.
The workshop at Jaipur was conducted at JK Lakshmipat University. The institute is headed by an alumni of IIT Kanpur
We could see eye to eye with them. Students were very excited to acquire this new emerging skill. Flying for hours
and also teaching the students how to fly was the most enthusiatic part.
Bhopal has a lot of premier institutes. But NIT Bhopal, known for producing some of India's Greatest Graduates
helped conduct the workshop. Here the student lot was very intellectual, they came up with very innovative ideas
on how these systems can be applied for civilian use. Bet me, one of the ideas is currently at implementation
at TechEagle.
The satellite citty of Delhi - Noida, had its workshop at IEC. WHat a college that was. Great enthusiastic people. These guys
had this big ground and we conducted these small airshows in front of their hostels. The crowd loved it. The students
here were highly enthusiastic, they ended up designing their own Quadcopter after the workshop which was evident from
the fact that they got their designs verfied from us.
Overall, it was a blend of fun loving exciting journey of learning, innovation which let their dreams fly.
Students learned how to design, build and fly their own drones, and how these things will help them shape their career.