RC Tri-Copter Workshop at Techfest, IIT Bomaby

TechEagle's aim has always been to reach out to the masses and to teach about UAVs and Drones to as many as possible. So it is no surprise that TechEagle is part of one of the most-anticipated college fests of India - Techfest, IIT Bombay.

Techfest will be held from 16th December to 18th December, 2016 in the beautiful campus of IIT Bombay. As one of the Asia’s Largest Science and Technology Festival, Techfest receives an annual footfall of more than 150,000 people with participants from all over the country and outside. This time the numbers are expected to increase even further. With a variety of workshops, talks and competitions being organised, it will surely be a memorable experience for all attendees. TechEagle is hoping to do its part by creating a enjoyable learning experience for the participants of the RC Tri-Copter UAV workshop.

This year, TechEagle is organizing an RC Tricopter UAV workshop during Techfest, IIT Bombay. Tri-copters are a type of Multi-rotor aircrafts which make use of rotating wings to generate lift. As the name suggests, Tricopters have three different rotors which are arranged on the frame such that flight and equilibrium can be achieved. They are one of the best ways to introduce someone to the field of UAVs due to their simple build and controls. The field of UAVs are one of the fastest growing industries of the present and is set to expand multiple folds by 2020. TechEagle’s workshops will help gain an insight to this technology of the future. TechEagle has skilled mentors to impart the knowledge to workshop participants. Even veteran aeromodelling enthusiasts will find new stuff to learn through our workshops.

Everyone is cordially invited to attend our RC Tricopter UAV workshop at IIT Bombay. Workshop will be conducted on 17th and 18th December with the duration being 16 hours spread over these two days.Registrations will be done for teams of five members at max. Hope to see you in large numbers !