Future Prospects of UAVs/Drones & Aeromodelling Workshops and Training

After experiencing the joys of learning about Aeromodelling, one question which comes to everyone’s mind is “ How can I continue Aeromodelling in future ? “ Well , the answer is both simple and complicated at the same time. There is no dearth of opportunities in this sector, therefore making it easy for someone with interest and passion in Aeromodelling to build a career. But the opportunities are so many that choosing a single profession out of so many possibilities becomes challenging. In fact to continue in this field, one can:

1.Pursue a career in the Aerospace/Aeronautics Industry
Those who have done Aeromodelling as a hobby have a much better idea about the Aerospace/Aeronautical industry thus making much more knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the professions related to this industry. They can also contribute towards making of new and better designs for existing uses of drones.

2.Continue Aeromodelling as a Hobby
For people who do not wish to make a career in this field, it is not the end of the line. There are several competitions related to designing and flying model Aircraft at both National and International levels. Given below are some examples.
National: TechKriti(IIT Kanpur), TechFest(IIT Bombay), Boeing
International: SAE Aero Design, Outback Challenge, MAV competitions, Dubai drone racing, FAI
These Aeromodelling competitions and events make sure that interest in these fields never dies out.They are meant to serve as platform for both learning and showing others what you have learnt.

3. Use it for the safety of people
The field of UAVs has many applications through which we can serve a higher purpose than our own-selves. These include :

A. Use of Drones for Surveillance
Police drones are becoming a common sight these days as it has several benefits which were not present in the previous system. Police drones are proving to be better at search-and-rescue missions than helicopters or patrolling on foot. They are also being used to document the crime scenes more accurately thus leading to quicker solving of cases and they have also been used for bomb defusal.

B.Use of Drones in Disaster Management
Where every moment is precious, drones are proving to be the ones to make the difference between life and death. Drones were extensively used during the Nepal Earthquake, UP floods. Aerial views are critically helpful in large-scale disaster zones. Drones, designed to be agile, fast and robust, empower response teams with a substantial upper hand without costing as much as manned flight operations. Because many are autonomously flown, drones can access hard-to-reach areas and perform data-gathering tasks that are otherwise unsafe or impossible for humans.

C.Use of UAVs for Defense/ Military
The initial reason for the rise of the UAV industry, advancements in this field has not stopped and continues to be one of the most important reasons for the use of drones. Being equipped with more and more powerful weapons, drones are becoming quite the presence in a battlefield. Their increased usage has reduced the risk of soldiers facing enemy fire thus allowing more people to return home to their families safe and sound.

4. Use Drones in Cinematography
Drones allow us to capture moments and videos in an entirely different and easier manner than it was done in the past. With their ability to go where people and manned aircraft simply cannot, drones allow filmmakers to capture previously unattainable images such as overhead imagery from perspectives too low for a manned helicopter and too high for a crane. The use of drones in cinematography has rapidly increased in recent years and they are now a much more common sight than they were before. They are less expensive and easier to use than the traditional methods.

e.g. The background in this scene from 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' was shot with a drone.

These are not the only uses of one’s knowledge and skill in Aeromodelling. The potential uses of UAVs are many but only a fraction has been implemented. Since it is one of the fastest-growing industries in present day, there are many opportunities for expansion and new ideas will only increase it further.

As they say, “ Sky's the limit “ and Aeromodelling equips you with the knowledge to ascend to the very heavens.