TechShiksha - 2016

The title itself gives you a glimpse of what is coming through. Technical Shiksha at its best by Sanshiksha Academy, Raebareli.
Sanshiksha is a premier JEE coaching institute in Rae Bareli, founded by two alumni of IIT Kanpur. The journey of envisioning this did not begin lately by but long ago. Many secondary school students do not truly know what engineering is, and venture into JEE coaching, due to parental pressure without knowing much about it.
To prevent this, and provide a first-hand experience of what engineering is, Sanshiksha Academy partnered TechEagle to create a wonderful event called Techshiksha. Techshiksha consists of 3 levels of learning and competition to ensure students get their glimpse of what engineering is.
First, we had a Technical Learning session where school students learned all about Aeromodelling. Followed by an idea submission form, where in students proposed many wonderful ideas to solve modern day problems using Aero-models. The best of all (100 students) were selected out of 2000 to be part of the big event.
Finally, the selected students build their own aeromodel forming Teams. Remember Team Work is an integral part of engineering. Tough, Very tough was the competition. Students put in their allround effort to get podium finish.
All this helped them understand the true engineering trade-off and design which will let them take the right decision in life. Sanshiksha Academy did a truly marvellous job, their attitude and skill towards students surely makes them the most wanted JEE coaching destination.