FlyingWing : Techkriti'16

TECHKRITI- The annual Technical and Entrepreneurial Festival of IIT Kanpur. Being the platform for display of new technological innovations and an inspiration for the ones who want to climb the ladder of technical know-how, it to be the stage for future learning and skill development .In one such situation, TECHKRITI’16 associated with TechEagle to deliver the skill of developing futuristic Aerial Vehicle. The world of Aviation is shifting towards developing more complex vehicles which promise a more sustainable future. Well, the first step of every breakthrough is learning how to do the same. TechEagle conducted a Flying Wing Workshop on 5th and 6th March 2016.
The session started with technical learning for 3 hours where students learned how to design such a vehicle and what goes into thinking in such a manner. Designing is one big step but no design is complete without a prototype built and tested. So, this brainstorming was followed by a hands on fabrication session to build the aerial vehicle designed earlier. The real problems in engineering arise when you built one, thus manufacturing is an integral part of being able to understand your design better. Students got the live understanding of engineering trade-offs followed by design tinctures to make the design worthy to fly.
Aeromodelling is not an individual discipline. It is a confluence of various engineering departments coming to get there to make a successful, economically viable and sustainable design. Students from various departments participated in this workshop to see how their own departments play a role in making this engineering marvel a success and evaluate their future in India’s Aviation Sector.
An aerial vehicle is not complete if it cannot fly. All planes built were successfully flight tested at the Airstrip, IIT Kanpur by licensed TechEagle Pilots. Students were taught, how to fly aerial vehicles on a flight simulator and briefed on flight safety and Electronics know-how for the successful Flight test. Learning how to fly has always been an inspiration to those who want their ideas to fly high. Students also got the opportunity to visit the Flight Lab consisting of Gliders and Low Winged man able planes. Finally an all-round fun, learning event at TECHKRITI’16 successfully concluded on the final day with students adding a futuristic skill to their bag.