How to get into emerging DRONE or UAV Industry

DRONE (Dynamic Remotely Operated Navigation Equipment) or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is the machine which is becoming the replacement as well as a convenience for the human race, these are Radio controlled flying objects programmed to accomplish a specific activity or a mission. Such as 3D mapping, Pizza delivery, surveillance, cinematography etc.

The vast world of DRONEs/UAVs is rapidly expanding and would soon be an industry worth more than 25 billion. The scope of this industry could be measured from the mere fact that these will soon be used in door step delivery purposes as well whether it is a mobile or a pizza or medicines.

DRONE/UAV Industry in India is still in a budding phase that equally means to less of competition and more of opportunities when bagged up with appropriate skill sets. The appropriate skill sets can be earned by having good mentorship along with the module that provides you with best possible knowledge.

To have the appropriate skill sets in Drone/UAV sector is one such platform called the SUMMER UAV TRAINING PROGRAM or SUT organised by TechEagle-a start up from IIT Kanpur. Here, the participants learn to design and manufacture their own application based UAVs from scratch along with the Virtual Flight training and Real Ground Flying. This Summer Training program provides the students a complete insight about the DRONE/UAV development.

SUT majorly offers 4 options to choose namely:
1. Trainer Aircraft 2. Flying Wing 3. Quadcopter 4. Tricopter

Day 1 has the initial lectures so as to elevate all the participants on the similar level of theoretical knowledge about Drones/UAVs and after that they proceed to designing and simulation session to come up with a application based design.

After completing the design part, manufacturing session comes where students fabricate their designed UAVs with advanced manufacturing process and materials which continues to Day 2 and Day 3.

After that comes the part of virtual flight simulation where the participant is provided with a virtual atmosphere with all possible obstacles to provide an insight about the hurdles of the real ground flying. Once the individual becomes well versed with the simulation they are given a transmitter in their hands under the proper guidance of trained pilots so that they can practice Real Ground Flying and this becomes the first step of them towards becoming a professional Flyer.

The aspirants are even awarded with certificates and mementos for their Zeal, Hard Work, Enthusiasm they put to accomplish their task. The aspirants are given guidance on how they can soar heights in the DRONE/UAV Industry not only on the National Platforms as well as on International Platform.

TechEagle, a start-up endeavored by undergraduates of IIT Kanpur is working upon its mission to bridge the gap between DRONE/UAV Industry and the youth of our country.

SUT’17 by TechEagle registered a participation of a curious mind as tender as 11 years of age to a matured mind professional of 45 years of age. This is the evident proof that there is no age restriction to the learning. It’s never too early nor too late.

In words of Dr. R. K. Yadav-Director, AITM-Lucknow, “This is a highly enthusiastic team, the team of go getters who clearly know what they are working for and how can they achieve it. The idea of Summer DRONE/UAV is indeed unique and the kind of work these people have portrayed is amazing. I can see a lot of confidence in the participants.”

To spread the awareness about the Drone Technology TechEagle organised 50+ FREE OF COST seminars and Airshows in various schools and colleges of Jaipur and Lucknow city. They were also in association with Science Center Lucknow to conduct various activities over Drones/UAVs.

RadioMirchi, Red FM 93.5, Hindustan Times and Times of India covered Summer UAV Training 2017.

TechEagle is once again organizing the SUMMER UAV TRAINING PROGRAM and this year it would be bigger and better. Stay connected for further updates.
After Movie of SUT’17:

*Fly Drones but safely*