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TechEagle partners with the Himachal Pradesh Government to deliver medicines

Updated: Mar 24

The COVID-19 pandemic consolidated the scenario of Healthcare systems across the globe. To work towards the common goal of TeachEagle and the Government of Himachal Pradesh in direction of the betterment of Healthcare, the two entities partnered to deliver medicines from a Primary Health Center to a Sub-Center in the Kullu district through its Hybrid e-VTOL drone.

The project concurred with TechEagle’s vision of giving on-demand delivery solutions to save lives, time, and money. The two bodies jointly focused on the betterment of the emergency healthcare supply chain in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Carrying out the project — an exhilarating experience

Our Hybrid e-VTOL drone delivered medicines in the Tirthan valley, near Shimla, Himachal Pradesh by covering an aerial distance of 15km in less than 9 minutes. It effectively exceeded the transportation efficiency of road transports that takes over an hour to reach the designated destination.

Drone’s working mechanism

The drone’s hybrid VTOL mechanism is analogous to that of a helicopter and aeroplane. It operates similar to a helicopter when taking off from and landing on the ground. It subsequently transitions into aeroplane mode and glides through the air using the attached wings to cover a large distance with tremendous speed. Additionally, the area expanse required for taking off and landing is minimal and measures roughly up to 100 square meters. The harmony between the mechanisms of a helicopter and an aeroplane assists in making the Hybrid VTOL drone dynamic and expanding its usage for various delivery requirements.

Government official’s statement on our Drone-based logistic system.

The Director of Department of Information Technology of Himachal Pradesh, Shri Mukesh Repaswal (IAS), said “The drone trials will help ascertain the advantages and benefits that Himachal can drive from use of drones and help the State plan areas of intervention for extensive utilization of drones for provision of improved service delivery to its citizens. We are looking forward to working along with TechEagle in successful PoC/demonstration of advantages of drones in reaching too far-flung and hard to reach areas of the State.” The Financial Express

Our vision and mission, elucidated by our Team

Founder & CEO of TechEagle Innovations, Vikram Singh Meena, said “Aerial routes are defying the limits of on-road transportations. With our made-in-India Hybrid e-VTOL Drone, we delivered medicines in the Tirthan valley of Himachal from a Primary Health Center to a Sub Center. We are progressively building technology to make an incredible contribution to improving the supply chain. The utilization of drone technology is resolving issues plaguing modern healthcare including overcoming the barriers of COVID-19 vaccine delivery in far-flung areas.” The Financial Express

Conclusively, Off late, our team has been rigorously working on designing and manufacturing drone models that meet all demands and requirements of healthcare, hyperlocal deliveries, defence, and maritime logistics. In the near future, we picture an intrinsic drone delivery and utility network that connects service providers with their specific customers, offering a dynamic experience while preserving the goal of cost and energy efficiency.

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