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TechEagle is set to launch On-Demand Drone Delivery Network in Ethiopia, in a long term partnership

TechEagle, India’s leading drone delivery tech company is launching the fully automated and intelligent urban and suburban commercial drone delivery network in partnership with Addis Mercato, Ethiopia’s leading fully integrated e-commerce and logistics company.

  • Addis Mercato and TechEagle Innovations have entered a strategic partnership to launch an innovative on-demand drone logistics network for delivering healthcare items and essentials in Ethiopia.

  • Solution includes end to end fully autonomous drone systems. It will deliver goods 4x faster and at 0.5x cost with zero carbon footprint.

For both technology companies, this marks a new milestone in the collaborative and continuous efforts to bring innovative and smart solutions with larger social impact to the Ethiopian market.

Mr. Vikram Singh Meena, Founder of TechEagle said,We are excited to enable drone delivery flights in Ethiopia with our esteemed partner Addis Mercato. With safe and secure airspace integration of TechEagle’s drones; this marks a new beginning in building air logistics for making healthcare more accessible and efficient last mile logistics in smart cities.

With today’s launch, we firmly believe that drone delivery is the present and future of last mile logistics. We look forward to working with Addis Mercato in building the eco-system for a multi-dimensional drone delivery network in Ethiopia”

“This solution would save human lives with faster delivery response time to emergency situations (i.e. blood components, vaccine, anti-venom, medical samples etc.). While building the ecosystem, we believe in empowering the local youth with skill development, training and by creating new job opportunities for them.”- Mr. Vikram said.

“As a company that focuses on retail science and intelligent solutions, Addis Mercato is pleased to be working with our strategic partner to set yet a new milestone with this new last-mile drone logistics solution which creates new opportunities for implementing innovative solutions that can continuously drive growth with greater efficiency, sustainability and less cost. The combined effort of these two companies brings together the strength of world-class retail and supply chain experience with one of the leading UAV companies in the world,” said Abiy Selassie, Addis Mercato’s CEO .

He continued, “We would also like to work together with our MoH in helping to create a drone delivery network for the healthcare system which will enable quick and efficient delivery of essential medicines or blood to certified hospitals and clinics in urban or remote areas.”

TechEagle’s smart VTOL hybrid drone, is designed for BVLOS flights with multiple redundancies for safe & reliable flights. Its high-performance features include vertical take-off and landing, long range, precision navigation, Detect and Avoid, visual identification and smart flight path planning with real-time redundant network connection and scheduling capabilities.

Mr. Anshu Abhishek, Co-Founder & COO said, “As a growing market, there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to commercial Drone operations. Going forward in terms of delivering items, Drones would deliver with 4x faster response time at a 0.5x cost than the current transportation mediums.

“We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with industry partners and regulators to establish a 360 degree drone ecosystem”- Mr. Anshu Abhishek said.

After clearing all regulatory procedures, this cutting-edge solution is scheduled for Q1, 2021 to make its inaugural test flights in Ethiopia.

In addition to this, TechEagle is one of the first companies to get MoCA & DGCA approvals for conducting 100 hrs of BVLOS trials for package delivery in India. These trials are focused on experimenting the drones for medical and essentials package delivery with end to end technology integration with regulatory & airspace infrastructure. Over 2-3 months, Drones will be tested and data will be gathered to make Drones smart and safe. It will enable lawmakers to formulate BVLOS policy based on the experimental and practical approach.

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