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Amit KumarStudent, BBDNIT Lucknow

"It was an amazing experience to attend the workshop conducted by TechEagle in our college. Most amazing thing was to see your plane soaring high in the sky which you just built. I would always look forward to attend such workshops."

Nidhi SinghRyan International School,Raebareli

"Planes have always wondered me a lot. It was really amazing to know how a place really work. Techshiksha workshop have increased my curiosity to the next level in science."

C.C. GuptaProfessor, Aeronautical Department, BBDNIT

"TechEagle has helped the students to connect the theoretical knowledge to the practical implementation of aircraft. Workshop conducted was a very positive experience both for me and my students."

ex: Quardcopter workshop/ summer UAV Training