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Aquila X2

Aquila-X2 is a Hybrid Fixed-Wing VTOL Drone, which is a fusion of fixed wing and VTOL drone. It has long range and heavy payload carrying capacity while it doesn't require a runway to take-off and Land. It is a best in industry class Drone built for precision, robustness, & reliable delivery operations.  Proudly made in India, Made for World. 

2 kg

1.2 hours

70 km

4500 meters AMSL


Healthcare | E-Commerce | Defence


Hyperlocal | Maritime | Defence

Peregrine X

Designed & developed In-House, The Peregrine X is a complete end to end drone logistics solution for enterprises & defense who wish to deliver packages as easy as pressing a switch. It is compliant with all safety standards and failsafe mechanisms like RTL, C2Link Redundancy, & ultimate failsafe enabled with a Advanced Parachute which has independent power and autonomous release on free fall. 

5 kg

45 Minutes

10 km

4000 meters AMSL

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